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“The feedback from your presentation was so positive. Well done on making what is at times a daunting subject matter so informative and easy to understand for everyone” (Child Welfare & Safeguarding Manager Dublin City)


All of our 1st, 2nd  and 3rd year students participated in an Internet Safety Awareness day (provided by Safe Search Ireland)…..A wonderful presentation full of worthwhile information for all ages. An incredible learning experience” (Principal of Secondary School Co. Cork)


“Dr. Sinead McDonough attended our school last week and gave a fantastic presentation to pupils, teachers and parents. The content of the talk was very relevant and gave us a great insight into the advantages of the internet when its properly supervised. We as a community are geared with up-to-date information to protect our children. I would highly recommend Sinead as a speaker for all schools” (Principal of National School Co. Tipperary)


“Thank you so much for forwarding such a comprehensive response to your session with our 6th class boys. It was a very informative source for Teachers & Parents” (Principal of National School Cork City)


“We thought the talk was very worthwhile & that it was very well delivered. This is a talk that all kids of a certain age should have to attend” (Teacher of 6th Class Boys, National School Cork City)


Dr. McDonough gave an informative talk to parents in our school recently. It was refreshing to hear a qualified expert in the field with an ability to communicate. She was able to break down what is usually the hidden realm of teenagers. She understood the dangers of social media, cyberbullying, smartphone addiction and was able to concisely deliver her message without being alarmist” (Principal of Secondary School, Co. Cork)


“Thanks very much for the presentation you gave both the pupils and parents. We as staff benefited enormously from it and look at the internet as a tool to be enjoyed by all once its properly supervised. The feedback from the teachers and parents is excellent” (Principal of National School, Co. Tipperary)


“Comprehensive, informative presentation that incorporated the most up to date research and advice. Dr Sinéad gave a great course – very informative” (West Cork Education Centre)


“Your insight and knowledge on Internet Safety was brilliant. All spoke very highly of your expertise and awareness” (Principal of Secondary School Cork City)


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