Classroom with students.


Students Presentation:


The Internet can be an amazing place for children and young people to learn, play games and maintain contact with friends. Unfortunately however the Internet has made it increasingly easier for young people to be targeted by online predators and cyber-bullies.

Although many young people believe they are confident about staying safe online, they often fail to consider the consequences of their online behaviours which can lead them to sharing too much information about themselves. It is crucial for young people to remain vigilant whenever they are surfing the internet. 



Online dangers are not just limited to harmful websites. Chat rooms, computer games, social networking sites and social messaging apps can be as risky.



At Safe Search Ireland we are committed to helping young people to recognise these dangers and equip them with the skills to ensure they have a safer digital experience. The following topics are presented to young people in an interactive manner; Cyber-Safety rules, Social Networking Sites and Social Messaging Apps, Privacy Settings, Mobile Phone and Gaming Safety, Cyber-bullying, and technology free days.



Safe Search Ireland works with young people in both Primary and Secondary Schools around Ireland. Each presentation is designed to ensure it is age appropriate. Contact us for more details.