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Parents, Educators, Companies & Organisations Presentation:

In this digital age, today’s parents find themselves facing a wide range of challenges, many of which arise from their childs use of the internet. It can often be difficult for parents to keep up with young people’s technology obsession. Safe Search Ireland believes that the use of technology and education go hand in hand. We are committed to teaching Parents, Educators, Companies and Organisations how to keep young people safe online.




Our presentations cover the following: advice on how to protect young people from dangers in the virtual world; Social Networking Sites and Social messaging Apps, mobile phone and gaming safety, cyber-bullying and Sexting. Safe Search Ireland ensures that every presentation refers to current psychological studies/research on the aforementioned topics.




Cyber Safety Strategies for Parents, Guardians and Educators:

  • Check the Social Networking Sites and Social Messaging Apps that a child is using (Check if they are age appropriate).
  • Check Privacy Settings (Are accounts on private or open to the public?).
  • Set to “Friends” or “Approved Followers” only.
  • Check that “Friends” and “Followers” are known to and trusted by the child.
  • Add your own email as a contact where possible.
  • If possible keep devices such as game consoles and computers etc in a common area of the home (in a family space). 
  • Explain the potential dangers of giving out personal information and photos to others online. 
  • Try to set limits around the time technology is used in the home. 
  • If your child has a phone, check what functions are on it. 
  • Try to keep mobile phones out of the bedroom at night. 
  • Re Gaming: Check the PEGI rating system on the game. This will inform you if the game is age appropriate. 
  • Talk about cyberbullying. Ask your child would they know what to do if they were a victim of cyberbullying.
  • Always reassure a child that they can come to you if they are worried about something they have done online. 
  • Always reassure a child that they can let you know if they have come across content that is upsetting. 
  • Remember to keep conversations around using social media and technology ongoing. 
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